Vision for Missions

Our focus in missions is to fulfill the Great Commission given to us by Jesus in our immediate community.  In the Great Commission Jesus tells us to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”  (Matthew 28:19-20)  As an extension to our immediate community we support North American missionaries and international missionaries through prayer and offerings.
We also support a church plant, Solid Anchor Baptist Church.  They are meeting in our previous church building and are quickly on their way to being a beacon in their community.  Our hope and prayer is One Accord will spawn new church plants in various areas and across other states.  We do not limit ourselves; we allow God to do the planning and administration of His local church assemblies.
Servant Evangelism
Showing God’s love in practical ways is something that we love doing at One Accord.  We regularly have activities for church members to get involved in the community and show Jesus’ love without cost to the community.  If you would like to join us for servant evangelism check out the calendar page of the website for upcoming events.  All you need to bring is yourself and a smile and be ready to tell others that Jesus loves them.
Active Missions Support
We have been blessed at One Accord to have at least 3 teens and 2 adults be a part of international mission trips.  Our prayer is to continue sending members to other countries as God calls them to share the gospel with those who have never heard the name of Jesus.
In July of 2009, Hunter Williams took a missionary trip to Uganda in Africa.  He witnessed more than 30 new Africa children come to know Christ!  Praise the Lord!  Please continue praying that God will use him mightily.
In January 2010, Kayla Margolis went to the Honor Academy in Texas where she will be trained in missions.  Kayla is working hard now to raise funds for her time at the Honor Academy and is praying about where God would have her to go on her next mission trip.
One Accord is an active participant in Good News Clubs (CEF ministries).  We have club meetings for elementary aged children at Red Bank Elementary School every Wednesday.  At Good News Club we present the Gospel and share Bible truths with the children in the public school system.  We have been blessed with 60 children on role and 38 regular attenders every week.
Hunter Williams’ Misson Trip to Uganda Update
Jul 29 2009 06:51AM:  Trying to sum up my whole expereience in Uganda into one little testimony is pretty much impossible, but I shall try.  Uganda has been a reality check, a slap in the face if you will.  It has shown me that life is not about me but about the one who gave me life.  I believe a lifestyle change is in order, and I believe if I put God first and put others needs before mine, change will definitely come.  I guess if I had to write about one thing that really stood out to me, I would write about the praise and worship.  Ugandans seriously know how to worship.  I mean, if a person with no hands can praise God and a guy with no home or family or job can praise God, then we as Americans have no excuse.  Ugandans have it figured out when it comes to worship.  They don’t just praise God when things are good or going their way but they praise God……for being God.  American Christitans seem to miss that concept.  I’ve seen so many things since I’ve been here, and each experience has helped me grow in a different way.  I’ve met many people, learned many lessons, and danced till my legs fell off (they didn’t really but you get my point), and through all this one thing has become evident.  God’s love for us in unfailing, undying and unending.  This love that God demonstrated towards us should be a love that we demonstrate toward others.  The greatest love that was ever known lives in us.  It’s time we share.  Living Life!  Dancing Hard!  Lovin Right!
Hunter Williams – missionary to Uganda