161Saved and radically changed by the power of Jesus Christ – Ray Williams has proclaimed the message of the cross since 1996. From that time he has proclaimed, to anyone who will listen, hope and real life are found only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. His audiences have been children, teens, young adults and congregations. He has preached in various venues including rescue mission ministry, church planting, camping ministry, conference ministry, outreach ministry and discipleship ministry.

From young children through adulthood Ray has seen the hunger for hope in the faces of countless people. He has witnessed the ravages of this world and how it tears families a part. But, more importantly, he has witnessed the amazing grace and power of the Lord Jesus Christ in his own personal life. He is a testimony to the total transforming power of the Lord. He has led people to a healing relationship with the healer of life. He has trained lay people to lead others as well. He has a great burden for the wounded and broken in our society and feels that many are not being ministered too by the body of Christ. Through evangelistic outreach the broken can be found and brought under the wing of the Almighty. Through revival meetings the people of God are challenged and equipped to get out of their comfort zone. Those with lost loved ones are challenged to share their faith before it is too late. At each meeting the gospel is shared without sugar coating and those who are playing with Jesus are challenged to make a commitment to change their life by repentance, fully trusting in the shed blood of Jesus Christ as the payment for their sin. His mission is to mobilize those saved for ministry and call those out of darkness into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ.

As a husband, father and friend Ray has not been isolated from real life issues facing his family, his friends and his community. Ray’s message is simply the cross. At the cross, friends, family and the guy on the street can find peace, hope, fulfillment and blessed salvation which he has found in Jesus Christ.

Although One Accord is a church of people who are NOT perfect and will never claim to be, we do know a perfect God.  We are a church of very real people, dealing with the real world, by the power of a very real God.  We exist to show God and His power to our community.  We won’t judge, condemn, or even care if you come to church with a pair of jeans on.  We just want you to meet Jesus.  You will be welcomed by people who once were lost and confused by sin but now know the love, forgivenes, and peace of Jesus Christ.

Do not hesitate to call if I can answer any questions about our website or the ministries of our church.  I would love to speak with you and pray with you.  Click here to contact me personally.

In God’s Amazing Grace,
Rev. Ray Williams, Founding Pastor