Join us each Wednesday night at 7:00 pm for youth worship. We will praise God and have a good time doing so. Each Wednesday night features a combination of:  Bible Study led by Youth Pastor Larry Hedrick. Quarterly Youth services which include Interpretive Dance, Skits & Drama, Praise & Worship

Today, the statistics for ages 16 to 22 staying in church are alarming. By the time kids that were brought up in church graduate from high school, about 94% of them will walk away from the church and from serving God. The value of tomorrow’s leaders has not been realized, and it is wreaking havoc on teens across the country. With teen pregnancy, rampant sexual activity, gangs, drug addiction and alcoholism at high rates among young people, we must be committed to turning our next generation back to God, training them and instilling hope in their hearts if we ever hope to reach their peers.

Our youth group ranges in age from twelve to eighteen. Pastor Larry brings the truth of God’s Word to life and helps young people apply these truths in their daily walk with the Lord. He also helps counsel those in need, whether it is personal problems or need of salvation. All teens are encouraged to be a part of the Youth ministry.

Active Ministry is the Key

The One Accord youth are actively involved in ministering in our community. They visit the hospitals providing food, comfort and prayer to those who are sick and afflicted. They have also gone into the surrounding neighborhoods with the adults during walks for Christ. Participation is encouraged in community events such as J-Fest and WinterFest as well as servitude “shotgun” ministry at the mall and at the Riverbend Festival. This provides them with opportunities to serve God. If we do not encourage them and place them in positions of service to God, how will they ever become committed servants of God?

Occasionally on Sunday evening the youth lead the main church service. Through the use of skits, drama, special singing, and preaching, the youth take an active role in ministry and provide a non-traditional style of presenting God’s truth. Occasionally the youth perform these special ministry presentations at other church, schools and special events.